Why You Should Get Physical Therapy First

What does a physical therapist do, and how can they help you?

Here’s why you should get physical therapy first. .
  1. Feel better, sooner.
  2. Save money.
  3. Get back to the things you love

So over the last thirty years the field of physical therapy has grown tremendously. We’ve gone from a bachelor’s level program to now a doctoral level program so to become a physical therapist you go through seven years of school to be an expert in the field of rehabilitation.

The body is meant to heal itself and through exercise and education you can get better.  The body’s not meant to be cut open with surgery.  You’re not meant to take prescription drugs to solve every problem.  We have a good body of literature to support the idea that outcomes will improve with Physical Therapy.  Patients get better when they see a physical therapist first and it’s more cost-effective as well.

Often times seeing a physical therapist for two months is the same amount of money that would cost if you were to get an MRI.

State laws have improved dramatically throughout the country and now a physical therapist can be accessed directly.  So when you have an injury or pain you can go directly to your physical therapist.  Your body can heal and as physical therapist we facilitate healing!

So that’s Why You Should Get Physical Therapy First. 

Thanks to Eric Chaconas and Patrick Berner for the video, produced by Franchot Barba of That Moment Productions.

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