How Our Team Works

Our Team of Experts in Physical Therapy, Massage, Chiropractic, Fitness, & Dietician Experts – can help you in many ways all under one roof!

by Shane Jansa

So today I’m going to talk about how the Horizon team works.

Thorough evaluation and explanation about the source of your pain and a short-term plan on how to get the results you want and a long-term plan on how to reduce the likelihood of recurring symptoms or restrictions in your daily life.

How Horizon Wellness Began

But before I explain that, I want to briefly and concisely describe how Horizon Wellness came about from Horizon Physical Therapy.  So for 20 years Horizon Physical Therapy saw patients and treated patients well, got them fully functional as efficiently as possible, but realized that I was human in that sometimes other disciplines can be very helpful to achieving the outcomes that you want for a patient. That’s pain reduction, improved function etc.

So after referring out to chiropractors that were associates and friends, massage therapists, talking to family doctors. Asking them: “Is it okay If we do this?” or “Can we do that?” Having everybody under one roof made things more efficient & streamlined and people got better faster. So now under one roof we have the physical therapist, chiropractor, massage therapist, and dietitian as well as Fitness Experts all working together to achieve whatever an individual or patient’s goals are.  And that allows for what I’m going to describe to you in a unique scenario in getting patients better faster and keeping them out of trouble longer for the same types of problems.

Where do I start?

So the important thing is, as people have questions such as “Where do I start?” Most typically you have the choice as a patient…. such as “I want to start with a chiropractor” or “I want to see a physical therapist.” If you’re not sure, but let’s say you’ve had a chronic problem. Let’s just say chronic low back pain.  And you want the team approach you typically start with physical therapy.

Well, what would I expect from physical therapy evaluation?

And we do an assessment and we are looking for the best way to get you better, not just fast, but long term. So the question that then comes is “Well, what would I expect from physical therapy evaluation?” And I usually typically will say decrease symptoms and/or increase function / quality of daily life within two or three visits of physical therapy. And most chronic and acute Orthopedic issues, aside from surgery, Should be 50% on average resolved by three to four visits. And at about 8 to 9 visits the patient should expect 90% Improvement. And again “average” amount of visits and time frame.

The other thing people are kind of questioning & wondering about in regards to just physical therapy in general is “What should an evaluation include if I start here or down the street?” And that should include assessment of biomechanics, range of motion, miotomal testing, which is a fancy word for muscle strength throughout your whole body, or could be lower extremity, trunk, arms special tests, which we can talk about that another day. That’s what “makes Physical Therapy unique” is what are we assessing what is wrong biomechanically and special tests allow us to figure out potentially what’s wrong with the Joint, put the pieces together, and then finally posture, which is the term we’re all familiar with. Fairly generic, but on to the next spot, we can break down all the disciplines how they work individually and together.

What happens if I’m not making progress?

But one thing I want to throw out quickly today was “what happens if I’m not making progress?” That is what makes us unique again. Within that two to three visits, things aren’t progressing. We can say you know what, “I think I see why they’re not progressing” and when it comes to the Chiropractic angle again, we can have our chiropractor talk more specifically about this but “Are my spinal rotations not changing or resolving?” “Is my fassett symptoms, (which is a part of the spine) are those symptoms not changing In intensity?” or “Do I have mal-alignment or asymmetrical position of my pelvis and sacrum (which is the pelvic girdle) that the spine sits on and do any of my other spinal structures have problems that aren’t getting better?”

Our Chiropractic, Massage, Dietician & Fitness Experts

The other thing that the Chiropractic assessment offers is another set of eyes and brains on the overall project, they call it, to see if maybe biomechanically, something’s being left behind.

A massage therapist fits in when we find myofascial restrictions, trigger points, hypertonic muscles that are tight & won’t let go, and we can get their expertise on not only assessing those muscles but a whole slew of treatment techniques as well what can be described down the road, such as myofascial release, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, all sorts of things again, we can outline for you.

But we can bring in that person. Last but not least dietitian-wise or nutrition-wise if people have a food allergy or any type of issue with inflammatory connected issues to food. We can consult a dietitian.

If you want to gain muscle mass which is part of balance a lot of times or lose weight for multiple reasons. It could be diabetes. There’s a wide gamut there so we can consult that person for those issues.  So a fitness expert can come into the picture for your.


In Conclusion

So again our wide range of experts, can help from all angles, which are all located under our one roof in our clinic!  So whether you are better served by physical therapy, massage, chiropractic, a dietician or simple fitness, we can serve your needs and diagnose what’s going to be best to help you both short term and for your overall better long-term health.  All located here at Horizon Physical Therapy.

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